About Koch FM

The radio project was started in the beginning of the year 2006 by a group of 10 young people from Korogocho slums.The concept of Koch FM was inspired by similar projects abroad, like Radio Favela in a slum of Belo Horizonte –Brazil’s third largest city. Korogocho is among the largest slums in Nairobi with over one hundred inhabitants. Radio Favela has won UN honours for fighting the drug trade and its advertisings have helped fund education programs for the most illiterate listeners. Like Radio Favela which is now the subject of “Helvecio Rattons”–Brazilian film-“Something in the air”, Koch FM envisages being the point of reference in East and Central African on Mobilizing Community Action through media.


An empowered community that celebrates its diversity and actively participate in its development


Koch FM is a community Radio in Korogocho, Nairobi, which provides a platform for the community to address their issues through information sharing, education and communication to promote social, political and economic well-being of its listeners.


Koch FM shall be non-partisan, non-discriminatory and voluntary association of community change agents for education, entertainment, organizing and mobilizing communities for meaningful participation in societal processes.


• Shall strive to increase people’s participation in local and national socio-economic and political processes

• Shall facilitate the establishment of democratic institutions within the communities as structures for positive societal transformation.

• Shall tirelessly promote peace and encourage peaceful co-existence amongst our diversified ethnic backgrounds

• Shall always defend human dignity and the human rights

• Shall be a facilitator to community issues and organizing processes

• Shall endeavour to mainstream gender in its activities and any other societal processes

• Shall strive to equip Korogocho youths with knowledge and skills on radio presentation and broadcasting.

• Shall assist communities identify resources around and amongst them and assist them explore ways of exploiting the same for optimum gain

• Shall liaise with local, national, regional and international bodies in carrying out any or all of the objects